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 · PALS Chest Rig: The PALS Chest rig is just the basic chest rig that is compatible with all of the different types of MOLLE Compatible Pouches. Before I get too far into it I want to explain the difference between MOLLE and PALS: MOLLE – (Modular Lightweight Load-Carrying Equipment) this is the entire system that all of the products belong to.

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Chest rigs come with two types of harnesses, X harnesses and H harnesses. Both harness types can be worn by anyone, but you may find one more comfortable than the other. People with smaller body frames generally find X harnesses less invasive.

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 · These rigs are not load-bearing equipment alone but are usually worn with a belt, chest rig or assault vest. The utility of these vests in airsoft is to provide a little bit of extra protection against bb hits, particularly on the lower torso, as plate carriers rarely protect this area as they are optimised for protecting vital organs.


The chest rig may be equipped with two types of an H-harness: FLAT, made of webbing or SOFT, made of Cordura with padding on all it's length. Each one is featuring two sewn-on rows of PALS webbing and one short column (allowing for mounting e.g. PTT button both horizontally and vertically). At the back connection of harness, there is one row ...

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Iraqi Chinese Type 56 AK chest rigs. Arguably the most commonly encountered chest rig in use by the Iraqi forces in the Iran-Iraq War to OIF is the Chinese Type 56. It has 3 pockets for AK magazines and 4 small pockets for grenades or other equipment. The …

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 · The Fenrir's average reload time was 3.48 seconds, and the Blue Force Gear M4 chest rig offered an average reload time of 3.32 seconds. The End of All. The times between the two chest rigs were minimal outside of reloads in the prone position. The Fenris isn't a revolution of providing more accessible and faster reloads.

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Chest rigs allow you to move effortlessly and efficiently without slowing down your stride or stopping you from carrying out other activities. Depending on your profession, there is a chest rig designed to suit and serve you without stress. Essentially, chest rigs are worn to reduce the load on the beltline and make it easy to move around.

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 · Chest Rig Hazards. Chest rigs hinder heat management. Your torso, along with your head, is a high blood-flow region that your body uses to dispel heat. By covering it with a chest rig, you limit the usable surface area for cooling off. Mounting gear …

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 · Chest rigs are primarily for carrying extra ammo with some minimal equipment tacked onto it. They can be fitted over body armor or worn without it. Chest rigs come in various designs to accommodate a variety of different ammo types. You can get chest rigs for AR-15s, AR-10s, AKs, FALs, shotguns, subguns, and more.

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 · Chest rigs play the most important role in your adventures into Tarkov - Carrying and storing magazines and ammunition. Some types even offer you additional protection. To learn more about the effectiveness of armored chest rigs check the Ballistics page. Additionally MOLLE rigs/modular rigs were confirmed in various interviews with Nikita Buyanov.

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 · Chest rigs are not any different. Producers of chest rigs make use of different types of fabrics. Some of the most common fabric materials used in making the chest paddings includes Cordura and ripstop. Both materials are nylon and breathable, making chest rigs comfortable to wear. The pouches may also be made from Cordura or ripstop.

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The Thing 1 expansion chassis is a low profile chest rig accessory designed to increase the load-bearing and storage capabilities of the core Micro Fight Chassis. It provides the end user with an intermediary configuration that is more robust than a stand-alone Micro Fight, but …

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Chest Rig Types. Now it wouldn't be fair to lump all chest rigs together and simply grade them on quality. Three distinct types stand out, each emerging to address different problems. Even as they are divided between light, medium, and heavy chest, each addresses a different scenario altogether.

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 · A chest rig is primarily used for carrying gear and making it accessible, while a plate carrier is used to protect the vital areas of your body from gunfire with hard armor plates. And if you have read the article you will definitely know that both chest rigs vs plate carriers have certain advantages and disadvantages to consider when picking ...


This chest rig is a modernized version of the classic Type 81 design. For decades the original Chicom rigs have been arguably the best AK chest rigs around. They are simple and rugged just like the rife they caddy for. The major drawback to the old rigs was the …

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 · Chest Rig Types. Now it wouldn't be fair to lump all chest rigs together and simply grade them on quality. Three distinct types stand out, each emerging to address different problems. Even as they are divided between light, medium, and heavy chest, each addresses a different scenario altogether.

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 · Chest rigs come with two kinds of harnesses, H and X. Anyone can wear both of these harness types, but a specific type may fit your needs better. X harnesses are your basic straps with a cross in the back. They're ideal for light and low-profile rigs that get the bulky stuff out of the way. This type provides better back and chest support for ...

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 · Best Chest Rig Review: 1. Helikon-Tex Range Line, Training Mini Rig. ᐈ Buy Now from Amazon. Helikon Tex Mini rig is one of the finest chest rigs you can ever get your hands on. Coming with a 100 percent Cordura 500D nylon, this chest rig is the most durable, and will surely provide users with a comfortable experience.

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 · Chest Rig I like the Chi-Com chest rigs. I can wear it under a jacket to remain low key. They hold six AK mags and have pockets for the cleaning kits, and a few small rifle related supplies. They are cheap and pretty well made. I also like the vests that are set up for survival gear. Lots of pockets and easy to set up for your AO.

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 · The front portion of the rig is a placard that's removable and attachable to a chest rig or whatever else. As a chest rig, it offers you just enough room for the four magazine pouches and a small admin/map pouch behind the magazines. The real magic to the Firebase Parabellum is the ability to swap its various configurations around.