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Welcome to the Equipment of Collins Radio archives section of your Collins Collectors Association website. In order to organize this wealth of material, it is divided into some relevant categories that are somewhat arbitrary. If you have difficulty finding a particular model or type of equipment, you can use the search engine at the top of the ...

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Collins 18F autotune HF xmtr 400w CW, 250w AM, 2-18 mc two 813's modulated by two 805's TEB (CYV-52353) TEB Spec Sheets: Shore Station 4-21 MC, 15 kw, CW/FSK Navy version of Press Wireless PW-15 - photo of TEB at KTK: Radio Transmitting Equipment TEB is used for general purpose, high-power, h-f, radiotelegraph, or frequency-shift operation in ...

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The 51S-1B is similar to the 51S-1, but has a rear-mounted junction box that provides military-type connectors for power, control, audio, and antenna lines. The -1B is a rare – indeed. For a Detailed Physical & Operational Description – Click Here or click on the Equipment of Collins Radio on our Home Page and follow the Grey Box trail.

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Collins Radio built special equipment; original ARPANET contractor Bolt, Beranek, and Newman (BBN) developed server software among other tasks. The Packet Radio network was the ancestor of all the wireless networks we use today, from mobile phones to Wi-Fi.

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As part of the AN/GRC-26 RTTY Communications hut, this Radio Set Control Unit, C-1123/GRC, routed incoming signals from two R-390 receivers, via the CV-116 Diversity converter, to the RTTY equipment. The Communications hut also included the T-368/URT Radio Transmitter. 115v. 50/60 Hz. 5" x 10" x 10". Made in 1976. Brand new in the box!!


onmidirectional radio range (VOR) equipment as a primary or back up navigation aid. They still use the ILS system developed many years ago. These systems are still powered by radio and Klystron tubes. No! not everything is controlled by microchips. The history behind the development of the GPS is not discussed even though it is an out growth of ...

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A comprehensive range of radio solutions for the digital battlefield. Covers the complete spectrum of tactical radio solutions: HF radios, VHF Combat Net Radios, UHF soldier radios, multiband Software Defined Radios, secure wireless broadband solutions microwave radios, intercom and radio nodes. Field proven equipment, deployed all around the ...

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Radio & Field Phone Equipment. Sort By: Quick view. H-250 VCEB Military Radio Handset . $29.99. OUT OF STOCK-CHECK BACK SOON. Quick view. Military H-250/U Handset. $24.99. Add to Cart. Quick view. G.I. Woodland Camo Medium Radio/Alice Pack with Straps. $69.95. OUT OF STOCK-CHECK BACK SOON ...

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(1) (No information) AN/ARB-2: Reported as "Radio Bomb Detecting Set, intended for AD-5", which would be rather strange; if designation is genuine, it could be some radio bomb control set

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Reference 73. North Korea had invaded South Korea 2 days earlier on 25 June 1950. The AN/GRC-109 is the Army's specified replacement, in Army service, for the capabilities of the CIA's RS-1 radio set which had already been in widespread use by the CIA and the US military in the 1950's and 1960's.

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During the war, Collins would grow to occupy most of the available space in Cedar Rapids, and would ship over $100M worth of equipment to the US and British Forces. Employment would soar to almost 4000. Then, in 1945, when the war ended – Collins Radio had a huge problem.

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British. Industrial. Image. THE MARCONI ATLANTA MARINE RECEIVER This receiver was very common in British and Commonwealth naval merchant ships in the 1960s -1970s. It would be the main receiver of the ship's radio station for receiving Medium Frequency (MF) and High Frequency (HF) communications.The receiver covered 15khz to 28Mhz.


Rockwell extended our license agreement in 2001 to include all Collins Commercial and Military equipment that can be used for amateur radio purposes. As a non-profit, all-volunteer hobbyists organization, we depend on our unpaid volunteers to help support our archiving efforts.

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Handbook of Piezoelectric Crystals for Radio Equipment Designers (1956) - J.Buchanan Principles of Radio (1934) - 2nd Edition - K.Henney Radio Engineering (1937) - F.Terman

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Part Four-WWII Ally Radio Communications Equipment - Marconi/RAF R1155 Receiver, Kingsley Radio Co. AR7 "HRO knock-off," Marconi/RN C.R. 300/1 Navy Receiver, Canadian Marconi Co. CSR-5 RCN Receiver Military & Commercial Communication Equipment 1930 to 1941 & 1946 to 1960s

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51S-1 Commercial Re Collins Radio Company; Cedar Rapids IA, build. 51S-1 Commercial Re Collins Radio Company; Cedar Rapids IA, build 1959–1975, 16 pictures, 24 schematics, 17 tubes, 1 semiconductors, United States of ... History. American. Music. Vintage. Collins 399C-1 VFO Speaker. Collins 399C-1 VFO Speaker. ... Military Equipment. Radios ...

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Radio gear and hams themselves. Two of the hams invited to operate on those flights were Art Collins, WØCXX, of Collins Radio, and Leo Meyerson, WØGFQ, of World Radio Labs. SSB far outperformed the conventional AM com-munications systems then in use by the military. In 1957, it was formally adopted by SAC for use in its (then) new B-52

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Military ham radio equipment. This 'manufacturer' page lists rigs made for military use, so called Green Radios.Similar designated military rigs were often built by different companies.

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The Pre War Years. This Prewar Years Archives section here will always be a work in progress (as opposed to "Under Construction"). The quantity of each piece of equipment produced was small – in some cases you could count them on one hand. We also know that a lot of the equipment manufactured by Art Collins in the early days got ...


Collecting WW2 aircraft radio equipment combines three of my interests (aviation, military history and vintage electronics) into one. The BC-375E has a special charm for me. The BC-375E is the epitome of a real transmitter; 4 x big tubes, real AM modulation, a 1920 radio design, lots of knobs, switches and meters. Figure 1.

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For GRC-9 radios you would also need a FT-515 Side Mounted Antenna Holder. £38.50 (Approximately US$ 49.28) BC-1306 & GRC-9 Antenna Rods & Generator storage Bag BG-174. BG-174 Canvas Bag for Antenna Equipment and GN-58 Legs & Seat. Used with GRC-9 and BC-1306 radio stations as well as some other radio stations.

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ITT Mackay MSR-8000 Military HF Transceiver, Quality Level 2 (Tested On-Air, Complete & Working) 1.6 MHz to 30 MHz in steps of 100 Hz, working modes are AM, USB, LSB, CW and FSK. 125 Watts output power. The radio has 10 programmed memory channels and manual frequency selection. The memory channels are set separately for receive and transmit.

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Your mission success requires highly reliable communications, navigation, display and multisystem management avionics that allow you to operate in any airspace. When you choose Collins Aerospace, you're choosing cost-effective, quality solutions from a trusted industry leader.And our extensive innovation in both the government and commercial spheres allows …

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A 1913 aircraft with a radio, at the time considered cutting-edge equipment, had a maximum range of 2,000 yards. Military radio equipment also used vacuum tubes, which were heavy and bulky. As a result, the equipment was difficult to tote around on the battlefield, even on mules and horses, which were still the military's primary mode of ...

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international norms on the legitimate use of force. The 2008 Russia-Georgia War served as a wake-up call for Russia to reform and modernize its military, reversing its dependency on unprofessional conscripts, Soviet -era equipment, and poorly trained field officers. The war also served as a dress rehearsal of sorts for what was to come in

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Forty Years of Collins Radio History in Advertizing What follows is the progression of the Collins Radio Company's Amateur Products Program as chronicled by its advertizing in QST Magazine. Every ad between January 1945 and December 1983 (when Rockwell-Collins ceased serving the amateur community) is presented here for your review.

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This diode is controlled by a voltage from a.g.c. amplifiers in the KWM-380. Essentially, the diode performs the same function in an automatic fashion as the manual r.f. attenuator switches one finds on many h.f. transceivers. The 39.145 MHz i.f. signal is produced by the first "U100" mixer.

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Rockwell extended our license agreement in 2001 to include all Collins Commercial and Military equipment that can be used for amateur radio purposes. The following Collins Radio manuals are divided into multiple sections (.pdf files) in order to facilitate faster download times.

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Early life []. Born in 1915, Christopher Henn-Collins was the third son of Lieutenant-Colonel the Hon. Richard Henn Collins, CMG, DSO, and grandson of Lord Collins, Master of the Rolls from 1901 to 1907.He was educated at Shrewsbury, and destined for a military career in his father's regiment, but pleaded to be allowed to pursue his boyhood …